A Timeless Exterior, Renewed

Built in 1931, 101 Wall features a classic Art Deco exterior with landscaped setback terraces that reflect the bold geometric lines of the era. Every aspect of the historic façade helps set the stage for the understated elegance of the former office building’s interior.

Exterior Accents

It was love at first sight for Piet Boon, the acclaimed Dutch designer charged with outfitting the individual luxury condos at 101 Wall. In an interview with Cool Hunting, he described 101 Wall as “a beautiful wedding cake melting into this notion of Wall Street’s early skyscrapers” as he referenced the tiered design that makes this unique FiDi structure stand out among its neighbors.

Beautiful glazed white brick that is original to the building adds an inviting yet refined aspect, while subtle ornamental details accentuate 101 Wall’s bold beauty. The tasteful lobby entrance accents are all brass, as are the ornate elevator doors.

Terrace Treatments

Setback terraces adorn numerous upper-level units of 101 Wall, dotting the structure with miniature green spaces. Residents can cultivate their own personal oases by outfitting the terraces with outdoor furniture, shrubs, flowers, and potted plants, adding calming touches of green to the singular urban sophistication of the Financial District.

Rooftop Relaxation

The rooftop amenity terrace atop 101 Wall is ideal for enjoying captivating East River and skyline views, especially in the evening. The fully furnished terrace features tables and a sizable gas grill, providing the necessary props for outdoor dining adventures on site. With a wet bar and powder room conveniently situated nearby, the terrace offers a picture-perfect spot for residents of 101 Wall and their guests to unwind.